Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Find Me

Find Me was written around 2000 and was orinignally published in the SouthEastern College, Lakeland FL, 2001 Oracle. It was a cool spring day when I read Waiting by the Yevgeny Yevtushenko’s and was inspired.

My love will come
will fling open her arms and fold me in them,
will understand my fears, observe my changes.
In from the pouring dark, from the pitch night
without stopping to bang the taxi door
she’ll run upstairs through the decaying porch
burning with love and love’s happiness,
she’ll run dripping upstairs, she won’t knock,
will take my head in her hands,
and when she drops her overcoat on a chair,
it will slide to the floor in a blue heap.

Though the form is nothing alike, I used it as a start. As Find Me started to take on its own rhythms, I let it go on its own. One thing that sticks out to me about Find Me in comparison to Waiting is that Waiting is about a lover that has come to see the writer, but Find Me is the writer, which is me, wanting a lover to come to him.

Find Me

Find me.
And when you find me,
Walk up to me.
As you walk up to me trying not to skip,
Talk to me.
And in the midst of the catching up,
Lean in towards me.
As I feel your breath against my face,
Let me inhale you.
When this mornings shampoo fills my soul,
Whisper to me.
Please start to whisper and then pause,
Giggle and blink.
After the giggle and prolonged blink,
Gather yourself just a little.
And when you have gathered yourself just a tad,
Look up at me and tell me you love me-

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