Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Be the Party

One time, about 11 years ago, I was working in New Jersey when a friend of mine walked in to shoot the breeze with me. He did this often and this friend was a very unique person with many stories. To put it best, I would say about him what he said about other people, “He’s probably has forgotten more things than I’ll ever know.”

This one time in particular he sat down, folded his hand across his chest as he leaned back in my chair, he said, “Paco (he called me “Paco” since some pretty little Puerto Rican lady did and that meant he now should), Paco, you know I’ve been to more bike shows than years you’ve been alive. And at some of these bike shows, I’ve seen guys with the nice bikes be the biggest pricks you’ve ever met. Then I’ve seen other guys with motorcycles they put together for the show, little 50 cc bikes that wouldn’t be able to get them back, show up and make the party happen for three or four days. They were the life of the party. They made the party happen!

“So remember, no matter where you are at, be the party. Never wait for the party to happen, be the party.”

These are words I’ve always remembered. It seems I want others to safely create a way for me, to pull me into a conversation or to figure out what is fun to do. I’m never fully satisfied when other people do that for me. I’m the most satisfied when I create the fun and others join in with me and I lead them--with my creativity-- into new realms of fun.

So, are you the party? 

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